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How to Order > Turn-Key PCB Assembly

Turn-Key PCB Assembly

Turn-key order advantages

    There are several advantages to place assembled PCB (BOM) order from us:

(a) Quick and easy to evaluate your project, instant online quote for PCB, parts, assembly together and transparent detailed cost for each part;

(b) That PCBs, components and assembly service which are ordered together enables you to save shipping cost of transferring them between PCB manufacturer, components supplier and assembly house;

(c) NO extra parts. When you deliver parts to assembly houses, they will ask you to send extra parts or PCB for loss. We do not need extra parts so you just need to pay for what you get.


    FirstPCB provides a user-friendly quote and order system based on which customers can quote prices of PCB, parts and assembly independently or jointly.


1. PCB Quotation

    On the homepage, click “START QUOTE” button and you’ll enter quote and order system ( Press the icon of PCB  to enter PCB quotation page.

    Fill all the blanks and a corresponding price will be displayed on the left of this page, such as the following figure.

2. Parts Quotation

    Press the icon of parts  to enter parts quotation page. FirstPCB provides two selections in terms of BOM delivery. You can either upload your BOM file onto this website directly or create your BOM using the BOM template offered by us.

    For the former selection, you can upload your BOM file (only xlsx, xls accepted) by clicking the button of “Select your BOM File”. After successful uploading, an interface will be seen as the following figure.

    Here, you need to map the Column Headings for your BOM by selecting Part Number, Manufacturer, Quantity and Designators. Then, press “Continue” to enter details of your BOM.

    In this list, you’ll notice all your component price and stock information. For each item on the list, you need to confirm your selection: Okay to buy, Provide or Not Assembly and the default selection is Okay to buy.

    If any of your required parts from the BOM are no match to items in our database (such as the red item in the figure above), go out of stock or have no online quotation, it's impossible to add them to shipping cart. To work around, you can either provide by yourselves through selecting “Provide”, or replace them with other equivalent components. After modifying your BOM with your parts replaced, you should upload it again to confirm “new” component information. You can’t add your parts to your shopping parts unless all the components in your BOM are confirmed. If it's still impossible to add them to cart, please send BOM to for custom quotation.


    If you don’t have a BOM, first, you can download BOM template by pressing “Download Template” right below “Select your BOM File”. After that, you can upload your BOM file based on the method mentioned above.

3. Assembly Quotation

    Press the icon of Assembly  to enter Assembly quotation page. Fill all the blanks and a corresponding price will be displayed on the left of this page, in the assembly cart. In the meantime, the total price containing PCBs, parts and assembly will be displayed.

   Then, press “Add to Cart” button to go to check out page to finish your ordering.

How to Order