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Capability > PCB File Requirement

PCB File Requirement

1.  Preferred: Gerber 274X , ODB++

2.  If provided with CAD from PCB design software, we will convert to Gerber 274X and require for confirmation. For Protel, Eagle software we need to know version so as to convert with that software version.

3.  Single sided board:

     MUST PREVIEW BEFORE SENDING: viewed as looking from Top/Component layer side

     If with through hole plated, it will be as double sided board.

4.  Panelized board

     If board will be shipped in panelized type, order size should be size of panelized board, not single unit size, contact us before order and we could panelize the boards then order.

5.  Double check before sending file that NC drill file is included.


PCB Assembly